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Appalachian Spring & Degas’ Ballerinas

Appalachian Spring and Degas’ Ballerinas Title

Appalachian Spring and Degas’ Ballerinas
Lakewood Cultural Center

With special permission from the Copland Fund, Ballet Ariel Director Ilena Norton has created an original ballet set to Aaron Copland’s enchanting and pastoral Appalachian Spring,

While influenced by various early scenarios explored by modern dance pioneer, Martha Graham, for whom the music was originally composed, Norton’s Appalachian Spring is a fresh interpretation of the music.

Norton’s distinctive choreographic style brings new life to this Pulitzer Prize winning composition, an American classic from one of the great contemporary composers of the 20th century. Performed on pointe, Norton’s ballet includes choreography from Gregory Gonzales, whose contemporary style integrates wonderfully. Norton calls it, “an honor to follow in Martha Graham’s epic footsteps to choreograph an original version of Appalachian Spring.

Ballet Ariel will also be creating a new and original ballet Degas’ Ballerinas inspired by Edgar Degas beautiful paintings of ballerinas at the Paris Opera Ballet.  A young dancer is auditioning to join the Paris Opera under the watchful eye of her chaperoning mother.  As she joins the company, she becomes absorbed in classes, rehearsals, and performances, highlighted by her performance in the opening night of ‘Giselle’ under the great ballet master Jules Perrot.

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