Community and Education Outreach

School Assembly Performances

Experience one of our special performances live for metro students at your school. Students will enjoy all aspects of a professional dance performance, Including the dancers, costumes, music and more. Offerings this season include our delightful and original Cinderella, a children’s favorite fairytale, and the popular The Nutcracker holiday extravaganza. Children will be enthralled seeing the beautifully costumed dancers performing on pointe to fabulous classical music
by Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev. These 50 minute performances include narration of the story and a question and answer session with the dancers.

Price is $250 for one show and $400 for two shows in one day. Shows are also available for reduced cost and free for low-income students.

After School Classes

Ballet Ariel brings the joy of dance to their students through afterschool programming. Ballet Ariel’s faculty and company dancers will work with your school students to introduce them to dance fundamentals. Classes are offered in beginning ballet and creative movement.

Beginning Ballet

Students are taught the basic principles of the beautiful art of classical ballet. Students learn the ballet positions of the feet and arms, and the basic movement of ballet. These classes are perfect for teaching grace, poise, coordination, and musicality in the classroom.

Creative Movement

Students will tap into their imaginations as they explore creative movement. This class is an excellent way for students to try moving in new ways, and to find their individuality. Students are exposed to a variety of music from classical to contemporary in these classes.

Tuition is charged to students on a sliding scale depending on ability to pay, ranging from $20-$120 for an 8 week session.

Dance Workshops

Ballet Ariel faculty and dancers offer 30 minute to one hour workshops in a variety of dance topics that can be offered virtually or in-person. These fascinating programs offer a variety of attention grabbing topics that will provide an educational and stimulating experience for your students.

Contact or 303-945-4388 for more information or to schedule a program.

Do the Covid Dance!

The four session lesson plan will cover topics such as What is a Covid?, giving students the opportunity to express their fears and feelings about the Covid-19 virus, using a Coronavirus ball as a prop. Lesson 2, Keep Your Distance, would cover social distance and masking, exploring near and far distance. In Lesson 3, Breathe In and Out, students would focus on relaxation techniques and healthy coping. The final Lesson 4, Do the Covid Dance, would synthesize movement phrases from the different sessions, and give the students the opportunity to perform the phrases for each other.

This workshop is $100 for a 30 minute-one hour program, but is available at reduced costs for low-income classrooms at $0, $40, and $70.

Let’s Move! – Intro to Movement and Dance

Students will learn the basics of dance movement including stretching the legs and feet to create line, following the rhythm of the music through clapping and moving to the music, and using the arms in creative ways to expand movement. Students will build aerobic strength through jumping exercises. They will also use improvisation to create imaginary worlds through movement and to interpret music.

This workshop is $100 for a 30 minute-one hour program, but is available at reduced costs for low-income classrooms for $0, $40, and $70.